Kalorama Consumer Survey - Retail Clinics Solidify Role in U.S. Healthcare

According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Kalorama Information, U.S. retail clinics have delivered on their promise to carve out and elaborate on a specific role in health care. In the last two years, the share of respondents that have ever visited a retail clinic (located in a drug store, grocery store or retail supercenter) has increased from approximately one-fifth to over one-third.

H.R. 4032 Unveils the Next Savings Tool for Part B Clinical Lab Testing

The Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) has been a frequent target of federal cost saving initiatives in Medicare; recent hits to the schedule have included negative “productivity” adjustments offsetting inflation adjustments; ACA-initiated annual schedule cuts; and one-off cuts. Signed by President Obama at the beginning of this month, H.R.

Pre-Packed: Roche Arrives in Molecular POC with IQuum Acquisition

Count Roche among the IVD leaders zeroed in on molecular point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. The global IVD giant recently announced its acquisition of IQuum, a company that bolsters Roche’s “molecular diagnostics offerings…that serve the point of care segment.”  The $450 million deal comes in the wake of similarly minded acquisitions of BioFire Diagnostics by bioMérieux (January 2014) and PathoGene by DxNA (January 2014).

Targeting Growth in the U.S. IVD Market: Projected Test Segment Metrics through 2018

An IVD company looking to expand or establish its presence in the U.S. market is advised to pick its spots; many IVD segments are highly competitive or feature clear-cut market leaders. Yet in other segments, unmet clinical demand and responsive innovation will create billions of dollars in added market revenue over the next five years. Derived from market segmentation and projections in The U.S.


Quadrivalents Boost Flu Vaccine Sales

The  2013 influenza season was the first in which quadrivalent influenza vaccines with an extra B strain were available in the U.S. According to our upcoming vaccine market report, that is one of the factors, combined with a rougher-than-average season, that helped revenues for flu vaccine makers last year.  We estimate that in 2013, influenza vaccines generated $3.1 billion in revenues.  Until 2013, seasonal influenza vaccines included only one B strain.


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